7 5 ton overhead crane

[Video] 7.5 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane Installation

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In December, the Uesco Cranes team installed a 7.5 ton double girder overhead crane at a metal fabrication plant in Chicago. In fact, on the same day another five tonner was installed in the same facility. With decades of experience in manufacturing, installing, and servicing bridge cranes, both cranes were added to the facility among […]

Steel Fabrication double girder overhead crane DG-TR-DM-SA 10 ton

Double Girder Overhead Crane Application: Steel Fabrication Facility

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Double Girder Overhead Crane Application: Steel Fabrication Facility If there are any places that require a reliable and powerful heavy-duty overhead material handling system, a steel company may top the list. When a steel fabricator in Minnesota needed to add more productivity, Uesco Crane’s distributor answered the call. The result was the Double Girder, Top […]

Which Hoist to Choose

Choosing the Right Hoist for Your Application

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When selecting the equipment for your organization, it’s important to take into consideration just under what conditions you intend to use this system. Hoists can be found in manufacturing plants, repair facilities, in refineries, out in the field, and in many different environments. Furthermore, their functions vary from application to application. It seems that with […]

Crane Inspection Sheet

Preventative Maintenance for Cranes Built to Last

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The companies who utilize the overhead cranes and runway systems we build expect their equipment to last for years of worry-free operation. We engineer the products we manufacture to deliver just that – a high degree of quality plus excellent performance for “the long haul”. However, cranes, hoists, and the other components of overhead material […]


Platinum Level Distributor of Crane Electrification Systems

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Uesco Cranes is proud to work with Conductix-Wampfler to offer state-of-the-art crane electrification systems to companies across America. Conductix-Wampfler is the largest global producer of systems and equipment for transferring energy and data for overhead cranes and material handling equipment. Their rugged, low-maintenance products have been time tested in some of the most demanding industrial […]

Uesco New Website

Uesco Cranes New Website Launched

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated and upgraded our website about overhead cranes, hoists, and overhead material handling equipment. As a way to better serve our distributors, to reach more people to help with their overhead material handling needs, and to make it easier to contact us for service, we’ve striven to make our […]