Double Girder Overhead Crane Application: Steel Fabrication Facility

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Steel Fabrication double girder overhead crane DG-TR-DM-SA 10 ton

Double Girder Overhead Crane Application: Steel Fabrication Facility

If there are any places that require a reliable and powerful heavy-duty overhead material handling system, a steel company may top the list. When a steel fabricator in Minnesota needed to add more productivity, Uesco Crane’s distributor answered the call. The result was the Double Girder, Top Running, Dual-Motor, Rotating Axle Overhead Crane (DG-TR-DM-RA) that we engineered to fit the customer’s requirements.

About This Crane

With the need for strength, speed, and endurance in regular daily performance, this crane was built with all of the “bells and whistles”. Its primary use is to stage large plates for laser-cutting tables. The 10-ton-capacity double girder bridge crane is a top-running crane spanning 76 feet and outfitted with two 5-ton-capacity (customer supplied) Ace A40 wire rope hoists.

The crane including girders, full-width footwalk and handrail, and control panel were made in the USA in our Illinois facility. Uesco is a UL508a Industrial Control Panel Fabricator.

In addition to radio controls, this overhead traveling crane (OTC) has a backup pushbutton pendant controller as well. We configured this crane to operate two hoists which can work independently or in tandem with each other depending on the load required to be lifted. It employs festooned flat cable for bridge electrification on a 460/3/60 power supply. This crane features strobe lights when powered on.

The Uesco Cranes engineering team ensured that the crane was designed to be built to Class D service specifications and was to accommodate the headroom space available at the location. It was also designed to fit the existing 40’ runway at the facility.

Learn More About DG-TR-DM-RA Cranes

To view more specifications for the various double girder, top running, dual-motor, rotating axle overhead crane systems we build, click on the link below. You can be assured that we can manufacture an overhead material handling system for your organization that is tailored to the very specific requirements of your business operations.

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