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Single Girder, Under Running, Hand Push Overhead Cranes

uesco single girder under running hand push overhead cranes

Uesco Cranes, one of the largest manufacturers of pre-engineered and custom-engineered overhead crane solutions in the United States, offers several different configurations of single girder cranes to fit any application or environment. The single girder, under running, hand push crane line of products feature 1-ton and 2-ton capacities. This line of cranes does not require electrification, and it is ideal for applications requiring no risk of sparks, where electric motors are not required, or where electricity may not be readily available. Each of these cranes has 4″ diameter machined steel wheels and have a crowned or flat tread for operation on a standard S-beam, wide flange beam, or patented track. You may use a variety of hoist types, but frequently hand chain hoists and lever chain hoists are preferred options with this type of crane.

Built of structural steel girders, which meet or exceed CMAA design specifications plus OSHA and ANSI standards, all of our overhead crane solutions have a minimum deflection of 1/600 with a built-in safety factor of 5 to 1. All Uesco overhead cranes are rated for a minimum CMAA Class C service. Spans up to 30′ in length are standard. We also custom fabricate runways in different configurations depending on your company’s requirements. Rubber bumpers and rail sweeps are standard on all cranes. All of our cranes, end trucks, and runway systems are made in the U.S.A


View specifications based on crane capacity:


1 Ton Crane
SPAN TO:10'-0"12'-6"15'-0"17'-6"20'-0"25'-0"30'-0"
WEIGHT (lbs.):42547051556076010601450
DIM. D:9"9"9"9"11"11"13"
2 Ton Crane
SPAN TO:10'-0"12'-6"15'-0"17'-6"20'-0"25'-0"30'-0"
WEIGHT (lbs.):57063069575596014201865
DIM. D:11"11"11"11"11"13"15"

Optional Equipment

Uesco Cranes’ single girder, under running, hand-push cranes have a variety of options available including:

  • hazardous-environment and spark-resistant setups
  • extended bridge cantilevers for improved trolley/hoist coverage
  • consult the factory for custom capaicties and spans

Please consult the factory or your local Uesco distributor with all the requirements of your application.