[Video] 7.5 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane Installation

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7 5 ton overhead crane

In December, the Uesco Cranes team installed a 7.5 ton double girder overhead crane at a metal fabrication plant in Chicago. In fact, on the same day another five tonner was installed in the same facility. With decades of experience in manufacturing, installing, and servicing bridge cranes, both cranes were added to the facility among several other Uesco products to help them with their daily operations.

Crane Specifications

The kind of crane featured in the pictures and video you’ll see below exemplifies one of our specialties. It is a double girder, top running, dual motor overhead crane with stationary axles. With a capacity of 7½ tons, it’s intended for heavy lifting and lots of repetitive motion. It was manufactured to accommodate the existing runways in the building with a 47’-9” span. Built for indoor service, it features a 10’ service platform, festooned flat cable electrification for 230-3-60 line voltage.

The crane was engineered by our own team and manufactured in our plant in Alsip, IL. As with all of our cranes, the stationary axle end trucks, UL508A-quality control panel, and crane body are all, in fact, made in the USA at our facility. It was outfitted with a wire rope hoist model D15T32-20M80 by Detroit Hoist which features a 7½ ton capacity, 32 ft. lift height, 20/5 FPM lift speed, and a CMAA Class D rating.

Installation Story

The crane was delivered on a flatbed truck right into the facility. Using two existing overhead cranes (one being another Uesco machine installed at an earlier date), the equipment to be installed was rigged to the two hoists and lifted in tandem from the flatbed. It was then conveyed to the TriLifter which was used to move the crane into place across the facility’s floor.

Note: A TriLifter is a pick & carry machine designed to move heavy loads in confined spaces. It features a four-post telescoping hydraulic system and an adjustable counterweight system which allows it to carry loads over the operator’s cab allowing for precise placement of loads.

While oftentimes a bridge crane can be installed with a forklift, lift truck, or mobile crane, because of the tight quarters of the facility which was in operation at the time, this specialized piece of equipment was the best choice for the job.

Once the TriLifter brought the 7½ ton overhead crane to the area where it was to be installed, it was brought in on an angle and the raised to the appropriate lift height over the runways. Then, the TriLifter straightened itself so it was exactly perpendicular to the runways, and it was then carefully positioned and lowered to safely place the crane’s end truck wheels solidly in place on the 1.25” rail atop the runway.

Watch the Video

Click on the video below to view the installation of this crane:

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