Beginning in 1935, Budgit Hoists have led the lifting industry in revolution, standards, and reliability. Created with versatility, Budgit Hoists provide a wide range of applications. Budgit electric chain hoists are built to resist the extreme environments while Budgit hand chain hoists are used to repair services and construction. When value is the ultimate goal, Budgit will provide lightweight, economical hoists that are built to withstand tough jobs and the rigors of heavy service and many lifting cycles. This overhead crane equipment requires minimal maintenance, and offers the most solutions when low headroom and space is a problem. Budgit also features crane components, trolleys, and trolley clamps to provide movement above the shop floor along with their durable electric, air, and manual hoists. Budgit's products require minimal maintenance as they can withstand the rigors of tough jobs at a economical price.

Budgit is a division of Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

Types of Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

Budgit created the versatile Budgit electric chain hoist that can stand up to the rigors of heavy-duty lifting cycles. It's compact design allows for more headroom and higher hook lifts and has a capacity range of 1/4 ton to 5 tons. A 1 ton budgit electric hoist would be the best fit for applications that require lifting loads that weigh less than 2000 pounds and repeated lifting cycles. Electric chain hoists are available in hook and lug suspensions. Budgit electric hoists also are available in link or roller chains for hook suspension hoists and rigid mount push, hand-geared, and motor-driven trolleys for lug suspension models. For more accuracy and precision during precise load spotting, Budgit electric hoists offer two speed control. The budgit pushbutton station gives the operator full control over the hoists operation speed, allowing the operator to slow and accelerate the hoist for position spotting. The Budgit two-speed electric chain hoists are available in 115, 200, 230, 460, and 575 volts models. With the 575 volt option coming in at 3-phase, 60 Hertz. The Budgit Manguard electric chain hoist (BEHC) comes with an overload clutch designed to prevent lifting excessive overloads that could weaken or damage the Budgit manguard hoist.

The capacity range of the Budgit Manguard Hoist: 1/4 Ton, 1/2 Ton, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton

Budgit Air Hoist

The Budgit Air Hoists are available in 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton, and 1 ton capacities for the Budgit Series 2200 Air Hoist and 1 ton, 2 ton, and 3 ton capacities for the Budgit Series 6000 air chain model. The Budgit 6000 series air hoist is Budget's large frame pneumatic hoist. Both the Budgit 2200 and 6000 series come with a variety of options to fit any application. Air Hoist accessories include a complete line of filter lubricator units, air hose assembly, air hose trolley, recoil air hose, air hose reels, and wire rope festoon systems. Each model is available in pull cord control and pendant throttle control models.

Budgit Hand Chain Hoists

Budgit USA hoists are made with a compact and lightweight design that will give long life in the construction industry and industrial applications. A chain hoist allow the operator to have exceptional control with strength and reliability from the rugged cast aluminum alloy casting that gives it a lightweight design for portability.

Other Products

Budgit Push Button Station

Budgit Electric Hoists are operated and controlled by a pendant push button station that is suspended from the hoist's electrical compartment.

The built-in mechanical interlock prevents the depressing of both buttons simultaneously. This easy to operate NEMA 4x push-button station is available for both one and two speed, or variable frequency.

Budgit Chain

A Budgit hoist has two choices of load chain, roller chain and link chain. All link chain models are available in hook or lug suspension while roller chain models are only available in hook suspension. Link chain hoists are suited for applications requiring heavier capacities and faster hoisting speeds or heavy duty cycles. Roller chain provides a quieter chain that is intended for light and medium duty cycles and small loads. This gives the operator comfort using his budgit chain hoists, allowing him to secure lifts . If you are looking for a load chain or hand chain, Budgit has its hand chain available for the Budgit USA chain hoist and load chain for all other models. Minimum lengths for load chain comes at 5 ft. and hand chain minimum length is 6ft.

Budgit End Trucks

There are three types of end trunk for your application, push-type, hand-geared, and motorized end truck. The push-type is a manual end truck for moving light loads. The hand-geared operated end truck is hand-chain operated and requires the worker to pull chains to move the load into position. Budgit's hand-geared end truck is recommended for precision placement of loads. Lastly, Budgit Motorized end trucks are electric or air powered, controlled by a pendant or pull cord, and recommended for long runways or when constant speed is required. Budgit end trucks are made for single-girder overhead crane systems and are available in both under-hung and top-running styles.

Budgit Replacement Parts and Budgit Hoist Parts

We have a large stock of Budgit parts in the USA. Browse our online store to find OEM replacement parts. All parts are made in America.

Capacity Range

The Budgit line of products has a wide range of capacities available for your industrial needs. From small 1/4 ton budgit hoists to 6 ton budgit hoists, determining your maximum load to be lifted will be the first step to determining your hoist requirements. Always go with the higher capacity, for example, if you have 2300 lb. maximum load, use a 2 ton budgit hoist to meet the specific weight needs of your lifting application.

Options & Accessories

Lift: 10 ft. - 50 ft. of lift available, to determine lift required, measure distance from bottom of beam to the lowest point on the floor reached and subtract the headroom to get the remaining distance of lift required. Always choose the standard lift that is equal to or greater than the distance needed. Budgit chain hoists and a totally enclosed system offer excellent headroom in sensitive areas and effortless movement in a facility.

Lifting Speed: 5 to 64 FPM

AC Power Supply: 60 HZ 115 and 230 or 230 to 460-3-60 reconnectable or 208 and 575-3-60 single voltage

Control: Push-button voltage control of 115 volts standard. 24-volt control optional. The speed models at Budgit are Single speed standard. Optional 2-speed or variable frequency drive for precision load spotting and grip control.

Suspensions: Hook suspension and Lug suspension. Budgit electric hoist with hook suspensions permits portability of the hoist while lug suspension reduces headroom on our budgit rigid-mount trolleys. Our design allows for easy change between hook and lug suspensions.


Budgit Hoists have been designed for H4 duty (300 starts per hour, 30 minutes per hour on time), meeting most heavy-duty industrial applications. Budgit's features and options have made Budgit Hoists the perfect fit for thousands of industry's, such as the automotive industry, fabrication, machine shops, shipping and receiving, warehousing and storage, chemical plants, lumber and steel mills, textiles, foundries, pulp and paper, marine, construction, and plastics.

Budgit also offers specific hoists for industries that require more than just a standard lifting tool. The food handling industry and pharmaceutical industry rely on Budgit's specifications that give options for no paint or FDA approved epoxy enamel paint. Budgit food grade hoists withstand the rigors of heavy duty applications from its long lasting durable finish that permits us to eat food made from a Budgit Manguard hoist.

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