Gantry Cranes

Uesco Cranes Gantry Cranes

Built with the same dedication to quality as our pre-engineered and custom-engineered bridge cranes, Uesco Cranes also manufactures gantry cranes in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of manufacturing and industrial environments. Using the structural steel beams used to build our other crane types and runways, our gantry cranes are built to last and to continue to perform to meet or exceed your expectations.

With or without electrification and outfitted with hoists from the world’s finest brands, we can manufacture gantries to fit your unique requirements. We offer both trackless gantries and those which ride along tracks. Our gantries can span up to 40′ and can accommodate up to 15 tons in terms of capacity.


Single-Leg Gantries are often used when space is an issue. One side of the crane has a leg which rolls on wheels (either on a track or independently) while the other utilizes either a top-running or under-running end truck mounted to an I-beam. Most of these cranes feature dual motors — one to drive the wheels along the floor, and the other to power the overhead end truck.


Double-Leg Gantries are easy to install and relocate. They can ride along tracks or be trackless. These cranes offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of capacity, and they can be outfitted with virtually any kind and brand of hoist available. Furthermore, they can be manually operated or can operate via a power drive.


Uesco Cranes’ single girder, top running, dual-motor cranes have a variety of options available including:

  • Radio control or pendant from separate track
  • 2 speed or adjustable frequency control
  • Nema 12, 3R of 4 control enclosures
  • warning devices
  • flashing lights
  • pilot lights
  • crane lights to illuminate the work area
  • travel limit switches
  • hazardous environment and spark resistant options
  • dual-hoist control with selector switch
  • rigid electrification
  • cable reels for below the hook attachments
  • magnet or bucket service
  • footwalks
  • service platforms and cabs
  • longer time rated motors or higher class of motor insulation for high temperature environment
  • thermal overload relays
  • circuit breakers
  • branch circuit fusing

Please consult the factory or your local Uesco distributor with all the requirements of your application.