Who Makes CM Chain Hoist?

CM is under the umbrella of the Columbus McKinnon brand's offerings of hoists. CM is a manufacturer responsible for electric chain hoist, manual chain hoist, and lever hoists. The CM brand of hand chain hoists was launched in 1946 by the American Chain & Cable Company. In 1993, Columbus McKinnon purchased American Chain & Cable, and the CM brand was born. Columbus McKinnon is based out of Rye Brook, NY. The company originated in 1848 as the Columbus Iron Works Company. Today they are a leading manufacturer specializing in electric chain hoist and manual chain hoist products.

CM Electric Chain Hoist

CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

Perhaps the flagship model of the Columbus McKinnon line of products would be the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist. The CM Lodestar has been an industry-leading choice amongst professional riggers within the electric chain hoist market for years. The heavy-duty, dependable, powerful, and universal design makes this the perfect stand-alone hoist or as part of a larger material handling application. There are various choices when it comes to the Lodestar beyond just basic hook suspension. Optional features, such as replacing the rigid hook with a geared trolley, motorized trolley, fabric chain container, field installation kit, or selecting a different lift speed, such as 8 fpm, 16 fpm, 32 fpm, or 64 fpm is available to make the day to day use of the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist a breeze. See for yourself the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist can change the way your business operates:

Single Speed

Two Speed

CM Shopstar Electric Chain Hoist

The CM Shopstar electric chain hoist is tough enough to tackle any job site. This durable model features H4 high duty cycles and a compact design that's perfect for workstations or production lines. Enhanced safety features would be the overload protection that comes standard in the CM Shopstar, to protect those operating the hoist, workers within the work area, and the hoist itself from suffering extensive damage that can take down an entire manufacturing line.

Single Phase

Three Phase

CM Valustar Electric Chain Hoist

The CM Valustar Electric Chain Hoist provides an economical choice for your material handling needs. Its lightweight and compact design make it perfect to use in general commercial applications, making this device ideal whether you're a small or large business!

CM Manual Chain Hoist

When it comes to chain hoists, the CM hoist line doesn't limit itself to just electric options. Within the Columbus McKinnon collection of brands, CM is a manufacturer that has perhaps had the largest offering of manual hoists. All of which are precision machined to provide for longer life, reduced vibration, less maintenance and, easy inspection.

CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist

The CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist is a high-quality hand chain hoist available in three models: rigid hook mount, army trolley style and, low headroom trolley. The design has been proven to be reliable by its popularity over many years of use lifting all sorts of objects!

CM Cyclone Army Type Trolley Hoist

This army-typ hoist is an extremely durable trolley hoist that's available in various capacities ranging from 1/4 ton through 12 tons. It's an extremely durable manual chain hoist that offers a compact design, which is great for those low headroom limitations. A precision-machined assembly provides a quieter operation and longer chain life.

CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoist

The CM Hurricane 360 has a one-of-a-kind chain cover that provides flexibility and versatility for challenging applications. Built with precision gears inside to give the operator the maximum amount of control for smoother lifting.1/2 Ton CM Hurricane 360 | Hand Chain Hoist |

CM Hurricane 360 Army Type Hoist

With a close coupled trolley connection, the height of the lift increases for this hoist. Perfect for situations where it's not just the lifting of an object up and down, but moving it from one area to another is needed by utilizing the overhead beams and structure of the building.

CM 622 Hand Chain Hoist

The CM Series 622 hand chain hoist is an economical design that allows for an efficient operation. Constructed out of lightweight steel to handle the abuse of everyday lifting. It's ideal for situations where the installation of a hoist is tight.

CM Lever Chain Hoist

CM 602 Lever Hoist

The CM Series 602 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist is designed specifically for those who need a lightweight and portable hoisting solution. This model has all of the same benefits as larger models but the advantage is the compact size!

CM 603 Lever Hoist

The CM Series 603 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist is ideal for construction sites and other jobs where you need to move heavy equipment. With its compact design, it'll fit in tight spaces with ease without taking up too much room!

CM 640 Puller Lever Hoist

There's nothing worse than working on a construction site and having your equipment fail you in the middle of everything. Luckily, there is one tool that will never let this happen: The CM 640 Puller! This heavy duty machine can be used for pulling or dragging applications with its durable design making it perfect among many industries where reliability matters most - including industrial settings like factories.

CM 653 Lever Hoist

When it comes to the CM 653 model, the design was created to impress with its corrosion-resistant steel frame and heavy-duty construction. With the largest capacity of 6 tons, you can be certain that it's going to stand up to your tough daily demands.

CM Bandit Lever Hoist

The CM Bandit lever hoist is a lightweight, portable and durable hoist that comes equipped with an easy free-chaining feature. It also has, 360-degree rotating handle for increased versatility when you're loading or unloading your vehicle! Now available in 3/4 ton capacity as well as 1-1/2 ton options to fit all of your pulling needs no matter what they are - whether it be heavy machinery like cranes at construction sites; light lifting such as an engine off a shop floor or even just moving bulky products around a warehouse.