Single Girder, Top Running, Dual Motor Overhead Crane

Uesco Cranes Single Girder, Top Running, Dual Motor Overhead Crane

Single girder cranes by Uesco are manufactured for a vast array of applications and environments. The single girder, top running, dual-motor line of overhead cranes features capacities from 2 tons to 15 tons. These cranes require electrification and can be used for applications where the maximum headroom is required. Each of these cranes has forged steel wheels hardened to 325 Bhn minimum with a tapered tread for operation on ASCE rail. End trucks are fabricated from steel plates welded to a rigid frame. You may use a variety of hoist types, but frequently electric wire rope hoists are preferred options, but electric and air chain hoists can be used

All Uesco dual-motor crane drives include a double or triple reduction parallel shaft, and splash lubricated helical/spur reducers for dependable service and longer life. Minimum B-10 bearing life is 5,000 hours. The bridge drive motors are flange mounted with a standard NEMA C or D flange and are 30 minute rated with Class F insulation. Thermal detectors embedded in the motor windings provide overload protection and meet the latest publication of the National Electric Code.

Built of structural steel girders, which meet or exceed CMAA design specifications plus OSHA and ANSI standards, all of our overhead crane solutions have a minimum deflection of 1/600 with a built-in safety factor of 5 to 1. All Uesco overhead cranes are rated for a minimum CMAA Class C service. Standard speeds are 50, 80, or 120 FPM. Spans are from 10′ to 65′ in length. We also custom fabricate runways in different configurations depending on your company’s requirements. Rubber bumpers and rail sweeps are standard on all cranes.


To request a quote, use the Crane Builder Tool by entering a capacity and span. It will provide you with a downloadable PDF. Once completed, then contact us using the link located at the bottom of this page to upload your PDF to us.


Optional Equipment

Uesco Cranes’ single girder, top running, dual-motor cranes have a variety of options available including:

  • Radio control or pendant from separate track
  • 2 speed or adjustable frequency control
  • Nema 12, 4, 7 control enclosures
  • warning devices
  • flashing lights
  • pilot lights
  • crane lights to illuminate the work area
  • travel limit switches
  • hazardous environment and spark resistant options
  • dual-hoist control with selector switch
  • rigid electrification
  • cable reels for below the hook attachments
  • footwalks
  • longer time rated motors or higher class of motor insulation for high temperature environment
  • thermal overload relays
  • circuit breakers
  • branch circuit fusing

Please consult the factory or your local Uesco distributor with all the requirements of your application.