Warranty Procedure


The procedure for handling warranty claims for Uesco Industries, Inc. applies to OEM products and resale non-OEM equipment. We require completion of the following steps and rules within the timeframes outlined. Failure to comply will void the warranty claim.

  1. Customers must contact Uesco’s Warranty Manager as soon as the warranty is suspected. If possible, we would prefer the technician makes the first call from the field. Uesco has a 24-hour emergency parts and warranty department that is always ready to help.
  2. Within 5 Days of any warranty claim reported the “Warranty & Return Work Order” referred to as the “Warranty Form” needs to be filled out and submitted to the Warranty Manager. Failure to receive the form within five working days could result in denial of the warranty claim.
  3. Include the following information on the Warranty Form.
    1. Customer Name
    2. Customer Phone
    3. Customer Email
    4. Uesco’s Job # If known
    5. Customers PO#
    6. Manufacturer of the product
    7. Model & S/N:
    8. Description of the problem
      1. When the problem occurred
      2. What is happening outside of normal operation
  4. Is the equipment down or just not operating properly?
  5. How long has the problem been happening?
  6. What were the circumstances when the problem first occurred?
  7. Include Information about the environment of where the equipment is operating.
  8. How long has the equipment been in service?
  9. Always send pictures of the problem where applicable, with the Warranty Form.

Submit Warranty Claim Form

Handling of warranty claims once submitted.


  1. The warranty manager will communicate with the warranty department of the original equipment manufacturer, (OEM) and determine if the warranty claim is valid.
  2. Most OEM’s have a one-year limit on warranty, but this is not always the case. Uesco must adhere to the OEM’s warranty policy.
  3. If the OEM deems the claim is a valid warranty the Warranty manager will ask about the following to help the customer recoup any costs.
    1. Customer labor reimbursement (hourly rate, how many hours should the repair take?)
    2. Ask about returning the original part(s) if required.
      1. Request an RMA if returning the original part(s) is required and submit to the customer immediately.
      2. Customer needs to return all defective parts within 15 days of the warranty work. Failure to send the defective parts back will result in denial of the warranty claim.
      3. Find out when a replacement part is shipping if a purchase order is required and get tracking information when available.
        1. If a warranty claim requires a purchase order, the customer must issue a purchase order to Uesco before a purchase order will be issued to the OEM.
    3. Uesco will honor any warranty that has been approved by the original equipment manufacturer.
  4. Uesco will not accept responsibility for any warranty or remedy that has not been approved by the original equipment manufacturer. If a credit memo is required, issuing of credit will only happen after Uesco receives reimbursement from the OEM. Uesco will credit the amount received by the OEM only.
    1. Item #5 applies to hoists and any other non-OEM piece(s) of equipment sold as part of a complete crane or runway system. Examples: (VFD’s, End trucks, Electrification, ASCE Rail . . .)


  1. The order will be pulled from our files and reviewed to double check the information provided and confirm the following.
  2. Does the piece of equipment fall within the warranty period?
  3. Who completed the installation, Uesco or other?
  4. Who were the original points of contact?
  5. Uesco Industries, Inc. will cover warranty claims in the following three ways.
    1. The customer sends the defective part(s) to Uesco at 5908 W. 118th Street, Alsip, IL 60803 for warranty inspection. Please mark all packages with the original Uesco Cranes Job #.
      1. The customer can issue a purchase order for new replacement part(s), before the existing part(s) are sent in for inspection. The replacement part(s) will be credited as soon as the warranty claim is approved.
      2. If the Warranty Manager does not approve the warranty claim, we will send back the original part(s), and invoice the replaced part(s).
    2. If after inspection of the returned part(s), and the Warranty manager has approved the warranty claim, Uesco will send a new replacement part(s).
    3. If the part(s) cannot be sent in for inspection, then the warranty claim approval can only be determined by the Warranty manager and final approval by Upper Management.
  6. According to our Warranty Policy labor is not covered. There are exceptions to this rule and Uesco reserves the right to send our technicians to handle the warranty labor.
    1. If Uesco decides to contract the customer or distributor to complete the work, Uesco will credit no more than $65.00 per/hour. Overtime will not be paid out at an increased rate. For reimbursement fill out the “Service & Labor Description” on the Warranty form and submit for approval. Uesco will issue a credit once the warranty claim is approved.

This procedure has been put in place to streamline the warranty process and handle claims from inception to a prompt completion. Anytime a warranty claim is filed we know this is a stressful time. The most important requirement is to remedy the issue and restore the equipment to working order with minimal downtime. Thank you for your business, and we appreciate all your efforts.


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