Conductix Wampfler

Conductix Wampfler

Conductix Wampfler USA moves your business! Allow Conductix Wampfler to supply energy to your typical applications, such as overhead cranes, workstations, monorail and hoists, conveyor and elevator controls, assembly lines, and other industrial machines. There energy and data transmission systems allow cranes to operate in a safe and reliable manner. All crane designs are different in there functionalities, the power supply and data transmission systems also need to fit the exact requirements to electrify the crane. These tools allow for a conversion from rubber tired gantry to a fully electric RTG and provide bumpers. Easily retrofit LASSTEC on new systems or installed to supply energy and data transmission to equipment like a process crane,

Uesco Cranes are a official distributor of Conductix Wampfler USA.

Supply Energy

There is no substitute to genuine Conductix Wampfler spare parts, since they use the highest-quality components for energy and data transmission systems. Heavy use and time will lead to components breaking down or reaching there end of life. We will provide original replacement and spare parts to reliability get your system back up and working. If you are looking for crane parts or hoists parts, Conductix Wampfler USA has festooning parts and systems, variable frequency controls, electrification systems, radio control systems, and collision avoidance systems to quickly turnaround times.

Cable Reels

PowerReel Spring Driven Cable Reels at Conductix-Wampfler are experts at applying spring-driven and motor-driven cable reels to industrial situations. Choose the desired length to hold or move the reels so that the conventional tools can run though typical applications.

  • 1200 Series PowerReel
  • 1400 Series PowerReel
  • 1900/2400/3200 Series PowerReels

Radio Remote Controls


  • Protean Series
  • HT Series Protean Radio Remote Control
  • L8 Series Radio Remote Control
  • L10 Series Radio Remote Control
  • L12 Series Radio Remote Control
  • L40 Series Radio Remote Control
  • K1 / K2 Series Radio Remote Controls
  • K3/ K4 Series Radio Remote Controls

Push Button Pendants

Conductix Wampfler has assembled high quality ergonomic Push Button Pendants since the 1990s. There is a dozen units with countless components in stock for quick delivery. We also sell wireless radio remote control, can preconfigure pendant units, or make a custom 80 Series unit with switches you need. There is a assortment of pendant cables, connectors and other accessories for all models. High-impact NEMA 4X case.

Series 80 Push Button Pendants

80 Series comes in a wide variety of pre-configured units. You can also buy a custom set-up by buying switches you need, with the desired options and accessories. All 2 to 12 buttons are easy-force buttons, with up to 24 buttons.

Series 60 Push Button Pendants

Series 60 Pendant is a great alternative for basic needs, with 2 and 4 button models. All are preassembled, the pendant comes with 2 or 4 button configurations with a single speed. A 2-button pistol grip version is available for sale.

Series 20 Push Button Pendants

20 Series for directly controlling the machine. The 20 Series Pistol Grip slim design is suitable for one-hand operation. Features a direct control rating for 1HP max, 120 VAC.

Conductor Bar Systems

Conductix Wampfler conductor bar system for crane electrification and other mobile equipment deliver the reliable and high-capacity crane rail electric service needed for any application. The Safe-Lec 2 is superior to the traditional 8-Bar systems in that it has a easier and less costly installation, more secure splice joint, easier system alignment, superior collector show tracking, and fewer expansion sections required. For the runway travel of factory cranes, single pole insulated, multip pole, or enclosed conductor rail systems are the most cost-effective solution to adapt to an extensive number of crane applications. If above the hook components are still necessary in the workplace, we also offer Mangentek, TransTech and Vahle Conductor Bar Systems.

  • Safe-Lec 2 Conductor Bar
  • Hevi-Bar II Conductor Bar
  • Insul 8-Bar Conductor Bar
  • Side-Contact Bar Conductor

The side contact is for constrained spaces and difficult installations. They can accommodate very small bend radii for curved systems and slip rings. 40A, 90A, 110A, 250A, and 350A capacity bars.

  • PowerGuard - Power Disconnect Switch for Maintenance Zones
  • Optical Positioining System

Cable Festoon Systems