Gorbel Cranes


Looking for a Gorbel Crane? Call us at +1-(708) 385-7700 for a quote today! Gorbel manufacturer's Cranes, ergonomic lifting devices, fall protection systems, and shop crane systems for over 30 years in Fishers, NY. Gorbel Inc. has been the industry leader in overhead crane industries and has provided overhead cranes and other handling solutions for a wide range of industries. In the industrial sector, they manufacture overhead material handling and fall protection products and in the rehabilitation world, they produce cutting edge balance therapy and gait training equipment for rehabilitation. The company started first manufacturing manually rotated jib cranes and expanded the crane line to mechanized jibs and later produced all of other intelligent lifting devices. There crane solutions have demonstrated handling solutions for smaller applications weighting as small as 50 pounds to larger applications that require the lifting of loads weighing over a ton. You can count on them for the best crane systems to be produced from there crane engineering experience.

It start's with there cranes modular design that allow you to minimize as much space while growing your companies operations. Let Gorbel be the solution to countless ergonomic benefits that traditional lifting cranes cannot provide. This includes pinpoint precision and more programmability and customization, even in spaces needing low headroom bridge cranes. Gorbel also has customizable options and accessories for all intelligent lifting instrument to fit your special requests and requirements.

Gorbel Cranes

Gorbel crane technology come in several configurations and products to meet any particular application need. This includes enclosed track workstation bridge cranes, Cleveland tramrail rail line on all cranes, I-beam jib cranes, and gantries to be used in a wide range of industries. A Gorbel crane system is the solution to productivity and increased safety in your facility.

Gorbel cranes all come with a 10 year warranty and are made in the United States.

Gorbel Jib Cranes

Gorbel I-Beam Jib cranes, are always ready to lift and move materials in full circles or semicircles. Using the incorrect cranes can decrease productivity and increases risk for accidents for your employees and product. Jib Cranes are perfect underneath large bridge cranes such as a Gantry and work station. The rotation and exceptional standard deflection allows operators to safely and easily position, load, and unload loads in the workplace.

Jib Cranes are categorized according to the configurations of their mount (mounting).

  • Free Standing Jib Crane
  • Wall Bracket Jib Crane
  • Wall Cantilever Jib Crane
  • Mast Type Jib Crane

Gorbel Gantry Cranes

They offer three basic types of gantry cranes; fixed steel, adjustable height steel, and aluminum. Gorbel Gantry cranes provide economical solutions to lift materials in the facility because they maximize efficiency. The mobile coverage area allows gantry cranes to be movable and maintain capacities that are suspended up to 5 ton. The gantries adjustable height and span of gantries shows that it's the most flexible lifting solution of any gantry crane. The casters enable you to move the gantry within the facility. Even over rough floor surfaces, the durable phenolic casters get the job done over water, oil and other chemicals.

  • Fixed Height Gantry Crane
  • Adjustable Height Gantry Crane
  • Aluminum Gantry Crane

Gorbel Workstation Cranes

Gorbel work station cranes are ideal arrangements for pinpoint precision and blazing speeds in your industry. Being the leading supplier of work station crane systems, Gorbel is focused on providing its customers with the highest quality products and the highest performance. The intelligent lifting devices of work stations are three times easier to move from the enclosed track it runs on. The running flange helps center wheels and prevent debris from settling on the line of the rolling surface. The bridge runs down the runway and the load is positioned on the bridge, allowing for superiors load positioning using a hoist.

Ceiling mounted cranes require a building with a overhead structure to hang the crane on. Freestanding floor workstation systems do not stress the overhead structure and require installation of at least 6 inches of reinforced concrete.

Work station jib cranes are a great substitute for a heavy and traditional I-Beam Jib's. These jibs are designed for hoists and vacuum lifters, tool balancers which assist lifts. Capacities come in 100 lbs. to 1000 lbs. and the operator can move 100-lbs of suspended load with only one pound of force exerted!

Cleveland Tramrail by Gorbel


Ergonomic Lifting

Types of Ergonomic Lifting crane features fill the difference between traditional lifting devices and fully automated solutions. With speeds up to 200 ft. per minute and higher work cell coverage, g force lifting tools enable the automated robotic solutions that makes hoists less efficient. You will not need to use a hoist again as the adaptability highly improves productivity.

  • G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device
  • Easy Arm Intelligent Assist Device ( Q2 and iQ2)
  • Handle Accessories - Pendant Handles, Force Sensing Handles, Slide Handles, Soft Touch Handle

Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection systems keep the work environment as safe as possible for operators of cranes in the industry.

  • Tether Track Engineered Fall Protection Systems
  • Mobile Fall Protection Systems - Ranger Mobile Anchor

Shop Crane

Shop Crane Performance Lifting System by Gorbel

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