Chester Hoist

Chester Hoist's engineered products are created with extra details and stringent requirements to get custom solutions for complex problems. For more than 60 years, Chester's complete line of established models of low headroom manual hoists, wire rope hoists, and electric wire rope hoists have continued to innovate and lead the material handling industry. Chester's reputation in engineering products for special requirements such as hazardous areas and clean rooms shows that every hoist is custom-made and one-of-a-kind for your companies application. Chester products ae designed for rugged environments. Chester Hoist is commonly used in areas needing a wide range of lifts, such as military overhead lifting applications, clean rooms, off-shore lifting, and other hazardous applications. Chester hoist is known for it's Zephyr low headroom hoist. This unique low clearance hoist can save on new construction by allowing lower ceilings.

Chester Hoist is a Columbus McKinnon Corp brand.

Chester Hoists

Chester's established models of hoists are easily adaptable to meet your requirements. Standard products include the Chester Zephyr, Model AM, SLA, and SLE chain hoists. For more stringent requirements, Chester offer's low headroom hoists, optional trolleys (Geared/Plain), and Beam Clamps. Chest Hoist specializes in ultra low headroom manual hoists, and can also build army type hoists, twin hook hoists, and tractor drives when low clearance is needed.

Manual Chain Hoists

Chester offers two manufacture's of manual chain hoists. The Chester Zephyr and Model AM are both configured for any job in the industry. The Chester Zephyr has optional twin hooks, extended hand-wheels, and army-type options sold. The Chester AM is the standard manual chain hoist for a full range of cargo and material movement applications. The top hook assembly of the "Zephyr" can be assembled with a hook or clevis. A Clevis permits the hoist to rock and swivel under a load. Chester's reputation as a low headroom chain hoist manufacturer comes from the manual chain hoist's custom built beam sizes and options. Both the geared trolleys and plain trolleys can be custom built for low headroom facilities and workplaces.

  • Chester Zephyr Hand Chain Hoist
  • Chester Model AM Hand Chain Hoist
  • Chester Zephyr Twin Hook Chain Hoist
  • Chester Zephyr Hand Chain Hoist with extended handwheel

Electric Chain Hoists

Chester worm drive electric wire rope hoists are engineered for the most heavy-duty lifting applications where headroom is limited. We offer a low headroom electric hoist with case hardened load chain and are available from 1 ton to 24 tons. The Chester SLE electric ultra low headroom hoist will operate on Class III applications with its sturdy steel construction and low profile that allows it to minimize traversing effort and a automatically direct motor brake for interrupted power.

  • SLE Electric Chain Hoist

Air Chain Hoists

Columbus McKinnon offers a pneumatic hoist that comes in a variety of capacities, speeds, and configurations. The Chester trolley hoists have three trolley options, plain, hand geared, or motor driven trolley models that features anti-tilt rollers. It's unique design allows it to be installed or fit any beam, even closed end monorail beams. Single speed trolley or tractor motions is standard along with worm gear reducers. Chester chain hoists have limit valves for both up and down hook travel and includes two or four lever pendant standard.

  • Chester SLA Air Chain Hoist

Oil and Gas Hoist Solutions

The Chest Hoist line of products has the expertise to design products with special requirements and other demanding applications. Chester offers low-headroom hoist solutions are critical for lifting applications that need to keep things moving above and below the ground. Columbus McKinnon's reliable Chester Hoists allow for low headroom applications and can be used in corrosive environments such as offshore oil platforms and military applications. Demanding applications that require spark resistant and corrosive resistant models are available for your hoisting solutions. Chester Hoist recommends the use of corrosion resistant and solid spark materials in hazardous areas to ensure safety sand efficiency in even the harshest conditions.

  • Mining
  • Petroleum
  • Gas
  • Marine and Port Industry
  • Metals Production
  • Chemical and Food Processing

Chester Hoist Resources

Search and download a Chester manual or brochure from our website.