With a selection of hoists that range from small hand-operated models in popular capacities like 1/8 ton and up through large capacity wire rope ones, Harrington Hoist's goal has always been to provide lifting solutions for customers at the highest level quality. With over decades of experience as an industry leader across construction sites or factories with high operational needs, they have established themselves both nationally but also internationally by emphasizing innovation on behalf their customer’s needs.

Product Line

Electric Chain Hoist

The electric chain hoist is a great investment for any workplace. This type of hoist uses an electric motor to move items quickly and smoothly, making it perfect in jobs where speed or frequency matters most! There's plenty of configuration options including single-speed, dual speed, variable speed, three phase or single phase power.

Hoists are one of the most important tools in any industrial setting. They allow you to easily move heavy loads, making it the go-to for construction sites or other warehouse environments where the demands of everyday lifting & moving of product or equipment is required.

Manual Hand Chain Hoists

Manual hoists are the perfect tool for any application that requires light to heavy lifting. There is a wide range of capacities available, from 1/8 ton to 3 tons! Regardless your requirements Harrington has got you covered with their lightweight and durable hand chain designs. Advantages of the manaul hoist is that it's not reliant on a power soure. It provides the ability to move products or equipment on thier own without the assistance of another person.

Trolley Hoist

For the majority of hoists offered by Harrington, they are generally going to have a trolley option to choose from. These include:

  • Manual Push Trolley or Plain Trolley
  • Geared Trolley or Hand Geared Trolley
  • Motorized Trolley or Electric Trolley

The advantage of using a motorized trolley is that it can be used for more than just lifting heavy objects up and down, but also moving them left or right across the beam. This leads to increased productivity in your workplace!

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The high demand applications that these electric wire rope trolley hoists can handle make them perfect for your next project. With an H4 duty rating, they have all of the lifting accuracy you need to get it done right!

  • Harrington RY Wire Rope Trolley Hoist

Air Powered Chain Hoists

Harrington's TCR series is perfect for heavy-duty applications, offering durability that can withstand any job you throw at them. The TCR series from Harrington offers the advantage of heavy-duty lifting with low headroom and a continuous duty cycle. This is perfect for extreme applications that need an extensive amount time on site! The durability allows these machines to last through any job you throw at them, while still being easy to work on.

  • Harrington TCR Air Powered Hoist

Qualities of a Harrington Hoist


The most important focus of the hoist has always been to keep the operator safe. Improvements have been made to ensure the integrity of the shell of the hoist and the strength of the chain to withstand the enormous weight placed on the hoists.


Since the beginning, Harrington has been dedicated to the performace of their hoist. Regardless of the circumstances, the hoist has to be able to complete the job.


It's no secret that for a company to last, their products need to last too. Harrington has been innovating on their hoist throughout the years to ensure they last out in the real world.