Overhead Crane Specialist

Uesco Cranes Overhead Crane Specialist

We are overhead crane specialists! Uesco Cranes’ 100 years of experience shows best in our cost-effective pre-engineered designs: single and double girder in both top running and under-running configurations; all featuring dual-motor drive systems. Capacities range from 1/2 thru 40 tons, with spans to 100 ft. All of our cranes, end trucks, and UL508A control panels are made in the U.S.A.



uesco design printsCustom designed cranes to meet your specific needs are also available, providing the same performance and service-ability evident in the pre-engineered cranes.


control panelUesco is a UL508A Industrial Control Panel Fabricator. Standard controls feature a through the door fused manual disconnect switch with lock out; a magnetic disconnect controlled from the pushbutton for emergency on/off and a full magnetic reversing traverse control. Electronic soft-start acceleration with adjustable torque magnetic disk brakes is standard for smooth starts and stops to prevent excessive hook swing. All control panels feature modular design IEC contactors mounted on a DIN rail with all external connections at terminal strips. Single speed, two speed and multi-speed adjustable frequency control are available. Control location is available from floor, cab or radio remote control.UL508a industrial control panel fabricator


electrificationStandard bridge electrification is a flat cable festoon suspended in loops from an enclosed steel track rigidly supported from the bridge structure. Figure 8 rigid electrification, cable reels and messenger wire are also available.


drive systems and gearingUESCO manufactures cranes with dual-motor drives as standard. All crane drives utilize helical gear reductions, splash lubricated for dependable service and longer life. Minimum L-10 bearing life is 5,000 hours. Top running crane wheels are double flanged, stationary or rotating axle, with a minimum of 325 BHN hardness. Under running wheels are single flanged, machine steel with a compound tread for longer wear and dependability.