Engineered Overhead Crane Manufacturer

If your company is looking for the best possible overhead crane system, you have come to the right place! We want to welcome you to Uesco Cranes. Since 1921, we have been serving industrial and manufacturing companies with their overhead material handling needs. We pride ourselves on quality and service to all customers all of the time.

Custom-Engineered Cranes Built to Last

Uesco Cranes is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered crane and runway systems. Uesco’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products include Single Girder and Double Girder Overhead Cranes in a variety of configurations including:

  • Top Running & Under Running Hand Geared or Hand Push Bridge Cranes
  • Top Running & Under Running Dual Motor Bridge Cranes
  • Dual Motor Gantry cranes in both Single & Double Leg configurations

We are also the foremost manufacturer of complete Runway Systems. Uesco’s designs custom overhead bridge cranes and runway systems to fit any application or environment through our comprehensive engineering department. Our manufacturing facilities produce the highest quality product. The company offers these products through a network of qualified and highly trained distributors throughout the United States.