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Hoist Parts

Uesco Cranes parts department stocks a wide variety of components and parts for overhead cranes and hoists in house. Our parts department has rapid and fast customer service, and can assist you weather its parts for a electric chain hoists, air hoists, wire rope hoists, or manual hoists. Trust our staff of trained customer service personnel that can identify and locate hoist parts for any manufacturer. If we do not offer parts for your electric chain hoist or manual hoist listed below, contact us and we will help you find the right part number.

Our parts and accessories stock range from hoist latch kits, pendants (Pickles), hoist brakes, upper and lower hook assemblies and hoist chain replacements. Receive the equipment to get back to lifting for your material handling operations.

If you are not tying to replace hoist unit, our Repair department will get your hoist back up and running by providing in-house repair of all hoists (electric, lever, manual, wire rope hoist). Uesco Cranes stocks service part and can repair and test your hoist by preforming a hoist inspection and repair from one of our experienced technicians.

Upgrade Parts

A hoist part may be considered obsolete before the hoists usefulness is finished. A specially machined part can be obtained or fabricated to preplace the original part for these hoists. Parts that are replaced often, such as pendant stations, pendant cord and power cords, are now coming in more durable models than the original hoist came supplied with. When replacing parts on your hoist. Our staff can offer upgrade opinions on popular hoist parts or spare parts.

Feel free to contact us or call us if you have questions though are cell phone line (toll free) 1-800-325-8372 (4675 for Randy) Request a quote on any products in stock. Email us to join our mailing list!

Online Parts Manuals for Hoists

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Hoist Parts by Manufacturers

Common brands of crane and hoist parts that we sell are available for same day shipment when vital parts are needed. Breakdowns happen and our OEM replacement parts replace or upgrade your hoist. We offer parts remanufacturing, part retrofitting and retrofits, for any make and model hoist. We are a world-wide hoist parts supplier and authorized distributor for all major brands below: