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Hand Chain Hoists

Hand Chain Hoist

What is a Manual Hoist?

The manual chain hoist is a device that's used for moving things up and down by using chains, as well as their own weight. The pulley system allows them to be powered without an electric source like other types of lift mechanisms such as cranes or presses; this means it can operate in areas where there isn't always electricity available making these kinds cheaper because they don’t need power from outside sources! Chains make sure all those tons stay put while still allowing enough movement so whatever needs lifting will go wherever you want with ease.

Hand chain hoists are easy to use, safe and efficient. They're portable devices that can be easily transported anywhere in the world with ease of transportation being one advantage they have over their electrical counterparts. As a hand-driven machine goes up or down according to your commands it applies tension on suspended loads so these aren't cumbersome at all when you need something moved vertically for example lifting heavy furniture onto shelves without worrying about things getting tangled up high above ground level!

Capacities and Lift

Manual hoists are perfect for heavy-duty lifting. They provide up to 25 tons of capacity and can be relatively affordable compared with other types, depending on your budget.vThese devices are affordable and easy-to use for those who don't have much experience working with them. You also need to consider the amount of everyday use will be needed from the hoist. Otherwise, selecting an electric chain hoist might be the better option if the frequency of lifts are going to be a lot. The most common sizes of a lift are 5, 10, 15 and 20 feet but that doesn’t mean it cannot go higher. Additional lift can be purchased at the time of order, which simply means that the length of the load chain has increased.

Manufacturer's / Brands Available


When buying a manual chain hoist, Columbus McKinnon (CM) is giong to be a contender The company's history in the industry has spanned over 150 years.They have worked to create products that offer smooth operation with high reliability ratings.


For years, Harrington Hoists has been the leading provider of lifting solutions to many industries. Their commitment is to provide high-quality products with exceptional service that will exceed your every expectation!

  • Harrington CB

    The Harrington CB combines the durability of a lifetime product with premium grade components that are designed for rough use.

  • Harrington CF

    The Harrington CF is a simple, easy-to-maintain crane for any rigging project. The aluminum dosy and Weston Style load brake make it stand out among its competitors in this industry niche where maintenance needs are minimal but safety must always come first!

  • Harrington CX

    The Harrington CX is a dependable, compact hoist that can be taken anywhere for any job. It has the ability to lift up to 1 ton and provides access in hard-to reach places like under vehicles or inside buildings with irregular shapes thanks its size!

  • Harrington NTH
  • Harrington G-NTH
  • Harrington PT
  • Harrington GT


Manual Hoist Applications

With the use of manual hoists, this is possible to engage in many repetitive tasks without having to worry about damages caused by heavy weight moving at high speeds. Manual hoist are used around the world for various applications including grading, digging, loading & unloading processes

The best part about hand chain hoists is that they're simple to use, easy to install and come equipped with a number of features that allow for safe operation. They're a great choice for almost any business that requires lifting of heavy objects or materials!

Properly setting up your hand chain hoist will make sure you get the most use out of your equipment and it'll also help prevent serious injury from occurring.