Lever Hoists

Lever Hoists

A Lever Chain Hoist, nicknamed "come-a-long" and "pullers" because of it's hand-operated design and similar style, is used on loads to lift items into most positions. A lever chain hoist uses chains while a come-a-long uses a rope made of wire or a nylon strap that only operates in a horizontal fashion. A lever hoist can be used in many different circumstances because of its ability to lift and lower heavy loads without power or machinery. This includes the ability to move from almost any angle into and from most positions. The design of a lever chain hoist is similar to a hand chain hoist, the only difference is that the hand operated component of the hoist is switched with a lever or ratchet, which is slowly operated to move the freight lower or higher. They move when the internal gear is cranked by the load chain which is pulled from the lever to either have the hoist go up or down. You can easily switch the direction of the internal gear to use the hoist as required. Lastly, they have a hook attached to its load chain to easily attach to a given load. You can then easily attach the hoists hook above its housing block to a support structure, such as a steel beam, to work the lifts. This versatility allows it to attach to multiple surfaces and be used in many different lifting applications because it doesn't need to be permanently fashioned to a crane.

Lever Vs. Manual Chain

Lever Hoists are very different from manual chain hoists. They both are very portable devices, making them ideal for transportation. A lever hoist can lift loads in mostly every position possible, this includes the ability to lift items horizontally and vertically, while a manual hoist chain block can only lift loads vertically and hold loads. This means a user can be standing on the floor and choose to raise the lever hoist to connect horizontally to another lifting product. Manual hoists also require both hands to lift or lower a given load when lever hoists only require one. Manual Chain Hoists should be used when the capacity is higher than 1/2 ton and for high vertical delivery. A lever hoist requires the operator to control the hoist at the same position at all times. Unlike lever hoists, manual chain hoists allow the operator to operate the hoist from the ground at all times, which allows you to pull the chain when the hoist is up high. Lever chain hoists can account for the tension required to lift goods vertically. If your application for a manual or lever is above 1/2 ton, it is best to use a manual chain hoist for the job because they are more durable in a heavy duty shop and field.

Lever Hoist Utilization

Every hoist sold at Uesco Cranes will have a certified working load limit (WLL) from experts. An example of this is the 1/4 Ton Harrington LX. This 1/4 Ton Harrington LX has a rated capacity of 1/4 ton or 500 pounds, which is the maximum load this lever hoist is designed to lift. Other manufacturers have higher maximum loads. CM, Columbus McKinnon, offers its lever hoists from 550 LBS, 3/4 , 1, 1-1/2 , 2, 3, and 6 Ton load limits for all applications, big and small. Lever operated hoists can be applied to many industrial industries, including mining, construction, lumber, and are commonly used for stretching, tightening, or positioning freightage. You may assist in moving product at any angle and account for any position with enough room to enter. Lever lifting can also be used at home or for general applications, such as use on a farm. General applications of a lever hoist include positioning machines, installing fences, opening doors on railroad cars, and stretching wires. The standard lift options of a lever hoist are 5,10,15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 feet.

Manufacturer's/ Brands available

After a review of our brands, find and choose the items used for your next lifts. You are referred to look at CM, Coffing, and Harrington lever hoists for being the best manufacturer's money can buy.


The Columbus McKinnon brand has made six different hoists for every application possible. From the lightweight CM 602/603 lever hoist series to its heavy-duty CM Bandit and CM 653 lever hoists which both have 6 ton capacities respectively.


With a wide range of capacities, from smaller options such as 3/4 ton, 1 ton to heavy duty options such as the 3 ton and 6 ton, the LSB-B fits all uses.


The Harrington manufacturer offers the Harrington LX and Harrington LB lever hoist. The Harrington LX mini-puller, has two tonnage options, 1/4 and 1/2 ton for its conveniently sized build that can fit in a toolbox. The Harrington LB lever hoist can lift from 3/4 tons to 9 tons of load and is Harrington's all purpose lever hoist.