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Lever Hoists

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Lever Hoist

A lever chain hoist is a hand-powered design that can be used to lift heavy loads into most positions. It includes the ability of moving from almost any angle and lifting those items up high without power or machinery, which makes it ideal for construction sites where there isn't always electricity available. The Lever Hoist is a versatile machine that can easily attach to any surface and lift heavy loads. The internal gear makes it easy for you because all the user has to do is turn this small crank, which rotates inside of your load chain with ease! A hook on each side of the lever hoists housing block connects effortlessly.

Lever Hoist Vs. Manual Chain Hoist

A lever hoist is a type of portable device that can be used for lifting loads in most positions. They're very different from manual chain hoists, as the former offers more options and isn't limited to vertical movement only; they also work horizontally or at an angle depending on how you want your load positioned when being lifted by this machine!

Applications of Lever Hoists

If you need a lever hoist, buy one from! We have many different models with varying capacity and maximum load limits so that they can be used for all sorts of applications. Depending upon the Big or small scale work, our ¼ ton model has been certified to hold up 500 pounds which means this particular type is only intended as light lifting in most cases where its rated maximum recommended usage would otherwise exceed it by quite a bit (a good thing!). However if we were working on something much heavier than expected then there’s nothing stopping us now with an extra powerful motor helping out

Manufacturer's/ Brands Available


The Columbus McKinnon (CMCO) company has created a variety of different lever hoists for every application. The lightweight CM 602/603 series is great in smaller environments, while their heavy-duty models like the CM Bandit an dCM 653 have capacities up to six tons - perfect if your job requires big tasks!


One of the most popular hoists on today's market is the LSB-B. With a wide range, from smaller options such as ¾ ton and 1 ton to heavy duty requirements like 3 or 6 tons; there is an option that will fit your needs perfectly!


Sometimes you need to lift big, heavy loads. This is when Harrington LB is going to be that go-to lever hoist for the job. It has capacities as large as 9 tons. If you’re a fan of Harrington but looking for something for the smaller jobs, then turn to the Harrington LX.